Collection P/E 2020

Collection A/i 2019/20

FORZA9 and FEDORA combine materials and details of the sports world with the quality and elegance of fashionable dresses. All this in MADE IN ITALY style.

The combination of these elements creates a contemporary style and at the same time easy to wear, a typical style that characterizes us over twenty-five years.

Our creative and transversal approach from life to a trendy and contemporary woman that never renounce to comfort.

We are 100% Italian, from design to production, from choice of materials to sewing.

Creativity, elegance, style, superior quality, these are our strengths.

FORZA9 and FEDORA are manufactured for a free woman to move, free to express herself, free to choose her own style at any occasion, while retaining their personality.

Private Label: Our long production history also makes us able to design and manufacture Private Label collections for selected customers.

2020 Spring/Summer collection

FORZA9 Collection

For a sporty woman who does not give up on style

Fedora Collection

For an elegant and contemporary woman


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