For 30 years manufacturers of women’s fashion clothing and sports outfits

With our company CONFEZIONI GIGI’S SNS by Festa F. & C. we have been producing women’s fashion clothing and sportswear for more than 30 years.

Thanks to the proximity of our offices to the fashion capital, Milan, we are always in step with the latest trends in the sector and we have the opportunity to collaborate with important partners in the search for innovative styles and fabrics.

Our mission is to transform women’s clothing through our creations, able to reconcile the trends of fashion with the comfort of sports clothes while always maintaining an enviable quality value for money… and we are succeeding, thanks to over 200 stores in Italy and a lively distribution network.

Sports clothing and classy clothing collections

On the one hand, our best production elegant and refined women’s clothing, on the other hand, innovation in the production of sportswear and casual clothing. FEDORA and FORZA 9 are our innovative collections suitable for any occasion and designed for contemporary and young women, who want to express their femininity without sacrificing comfort and ease of movement.

From elegant clothes and evening dresses, to set and pants in plush, our intent is to offer every woman the opportunity to choose every day who to be, in complete freedom.


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