Women’s casual clothing
to dress a classic and contemporary style

With our casual chic clothing we cater to all women who are looking for a trendy and comfortable outfit at the same time.

Too often an elegant look does not allow the woman to feel completely at ease. Our Fedora fashion collection is designed to guarantee complete freedom of movement and maximum comfort

Contemporary Style Business Casual Clothing

The FEDORA Fashion line is also designed for the office look. For our formal women’s clothing we use innovative fabrics and patterns that make every garment comfortable throughout the day.
FEDORA Fashion women’s office clothes are the ideal casual chic dress and be always on trend.

Our catalog

FEDORA Fashion for all styles of clothing

The materials and details of the sports world, combined with the quality and elegance of the fashionable clothes, make the garments of the FEDORA Fashion line suitable for important occasions, to be faced in total comfort.

In our catalog you will find a wide choice of long dresses, elegant short dresses, business women’s dresses and much more.

All garments are strictly Made in Italy: fabrics and raw materials come from our territory and are processed in Italian laboratories.

Creativity and passion are elements that give life to our collections.

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